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Private Coaching and Audition Taping Services


Alyssia also offers the option of working one on one on developing an actor's skillset. Every person is unique and thrives in different environments. Additionally, students can benefit from doing classes, workshops, and private lessons! Topics would include anything that helps to develop the actors and prepare them for working professionally in the business.

Also, if actors would like some coaching and help with an audition tape, Alyssia is available to help with that as well! Prices can vary according to circumstances (i.e. if she travels to the customer's home vs.if the customer travels to her workplace, if extensive or intricate editing is required, or other extenuating circumstances like arranging for an on location type shoot) 


Dates: Anytime! Book your appointment online or email or text for appointment availability, varies weekly but extremely flexible

Ages: All Ages

Time: Anytime!

Cost: $65/hour, $40/half hour, and $25/15 minute quick taping, Virtual Rate- $60/hour


Travel: Traveling Charges can range from an additional $10--$25 depending on where the customer is located in the greater Houston area. Call, text, or email for more information.

Editing: A taping includes a finished video per the audition instructions given by casting and/or your agent. Any additional work is considered extra for the client and is subject to additional charges.

***See below for additional info***

Location: Contact for Location Details or to Schedule an In-Home Visit

***Editing Charge Details***

- Multiple takes not required but requested by parent or talent will cost $5 per rendered take (For example, if casting requests three takes/videos- slate, scene one, scene two- but you want to send an additional take per scene voluntarily, it would be an additional $10. We will naturally film multiple takes while we work, but if you want additional rendered takes through the video editing program, that would be the additional cost if it is not requested by casting. 

- Taping includes sending the video through the agent's desired video sharing service, additional video sharing services will be $5 per upload. The default file sharing service is Hightail. 

- More extensive video editing services are available at the rate of $40/hour. This is sometimes needed for editing reels or submitting auditions for more creative projects encouraging talent to think outside the box.

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