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Current and Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Visit the "Book Online" page to register through the website or contact me directly!

On-Going Scene Study Class for Teens and Adults

My on-going scene study class has been in session for almost a year, and the actors attending have been making great strides by coming weekly and getting regular training that keeps them sharp and ready to audition. We’d love to add some more class members to the group! We work on a new scene twice a month, doing a cold read one week and an on camera blocked out interpretation of the scene the following week. We discuss and explore various acting methods, work on character development, and focus on the needs of each actor and what they want to work on as well. ***See below for additional info on class payment options***

Date: Mondays, On-going basis, can begin at any time, Ages: 12+

Time: 6:45pm-9:00pm

Cost: $100/4 session block, 15% discount offered for purchasing 2+ blocks at a time

Location: Contact for Location Details

On-Going Scene Study Class

The on-going scene study class has been a great space for actors to work on their skills each week without it breaking the bank. At only $25 per class, the students are able to come when they can. We are typically working on a couple different things so that regardless of who attends in a given week, each actor has something to work on that also serves the class as a whole even as it helps that actor’s personal goals. Scenework and monologue technique and study are the cornerstones of this class along with character development. We also love working on comedy, so that is often a topic as well, from improv to sitcom to sketch and stand-up and how all of those mediums/genres can help you regardless of what you are working on. We are also often working on projects that students can post to their social media- we've made funny videos and worked on comedy by creating are own work! The class has students at a variety of levels and we all often discuss business elements as well to help one another keep that side of things rolling too. We discuss and explore various acting methods, work on character development, and focus on the needs of each actor and what they want to work on as well. ***See below for additional info on class payment options***

Date: Wednesdays, On-going basis, can begin at any time

Time: 6:30/6:45pm-9:00/9:30pm

Ages: 12+

Cost: $25/per class, students encouraged but not required to purchase $100/4 session block, 15% discount offered for purchasing 2+ blocks at a time

Location: 2906 Mustang Meadow Lane, Manvel, TX 77578

*** Students purchase a 4-session block (or more) and have 5 weeks to use the 4 sessions, meaning they can take one week off during the course of a 5-week time period if needed. Even if you have tp pay for the class on a weekly basis please still try and be as consistent as possible in your attendance as it helps the most in progress from week to week. It is disappointing for your class mates to begin a project and not be able to finish it because of attendance inconsistencies. Students should be able to cold read well in order to get the most from the class; there will be a lot of cold reading involved.***

Improvisation and Commercial One Day Workshop w/ Zoom Option

Improvisation is an extremely important skill for actors to be able to handle with ease. Actors are asked regularly to do an additional take on their taped auditions that incorporates improv and is their own “take” on the scene. Commercial auditions are largely improv based and only sometimes use scripted dialogue. Additionally, humor is an important element to many advertising campaigns, and clients like actors to have comedic timing and to be able to improv with ease and believability. In this workshop, I will work with actors on how to use their improvisation skills in practical application in both auditioning and performance and will also help them to feel more emboldened to make strong choices that will help them to stand out. We will also work on how to bring commercials to life by working on various types of commercial styles and with various types of copy so that actors can work on being natural and themselves on camera when delivering commercial dialogue. The workshop is open to students ages 10+  because children and adults are frequently paired up in commercial auditions, and it is important for all ages to be able to work together and for kids to learn how to have fun and to be themselves while also recognizing the professionalism required of them on a set. There will be 2 sessions available so I can keep class size small, and I am welcoming up to 4 additional students via Zoom for the second session, should you prefer to attend that way. Zoom is now an active part of auditioning, so this will be worked into the class naturally regardless, but having students attend via Zoom is another way to practice and learn how to tackle auditioning during these unprecedented times! All students will receive their footage from class to keep for review and it will be emailed through Wetransfer during the week following the workshop.

Date: TBA

Time: Session One, 10am-2pm and Session Two (w/Zoom), 3pm-7pm

Ages: 10 and up

Cost: $75

Class Size: 6 Students per Session (so we can keep within the rules of social distancing comfortably)

Location:   2906 Mustang Meadow Lane, Manvel, TX 77578

AMA Business of Acting with Special Guest, Tene Carter


This seminar will be a great opportunity to ask all your burning questions about the business, get some advice on the new mediums being used to audition during this time (like live Zoom auditions and taping for commercials), and help you decide on what your next steps need to be to move forward with your career (or in starting one)! Seminar attendance will be available via Zoom and in person so that you can choose the option that you feel comfortable with. There will be limited space for both options so that we are able to effectively answer any questions you all have as well! We will also have other surprises for you that will hopefully bring additional insight into how to bring yourself authentically into your work. Register asap so that you can reserve your spot. Since the seminar has limited space, if you want to register and secure a spot, payment will need to be made to register for it. If you want to have anyone else with you on the Zoom call, it is $5 extra for each person present in one household past the initial person registering. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and let me know. Tene and I are so excited to have this conversation with you, and we each bring our own unique experiences and decades of work to the table, which will expand the information that we bring to share with you!


Date: Saturday, March 27, 2021


Time: 2pm-5pm


Ages: 14+ (students younger than 14 MUST be accompanied by a parent)


Attendance Limit: 8 in person and 15 on Zoom


Cost: $25 ( and $5 per additional person in the same household attending on Zoom)


For Zoom: If student is under 14, they may attend with 1 parent without an extra charge; if student is older than 14, then each additional person on the Zoom call (in the same room/Zoom box) is $5

Location: 2906 Mustang Meadow Ln., Manvel, TX 77578 or via Zoom, link will be sent upon registration

Movie-Making Summer Camp

Join me in this fun and creative 4 day workshop designed to teach students some of the fundamentals of movie making! We will begin by writing our story/script, then, we will shoot the movie, edit it, and screen it all by the end of the camp! Students will get the opportunity to work both in front of and behind the camera. They will learn how to come up with a concept, the logistics of bringing that concept to life on camera, how to use iMovie (or a comparable editing program) to edit their movie, and then we’ll finish by screening the movie for parents and friends that want to attend! Each student will get the chance to act, work with the camera, lights, and sound, and have input in music and post-production decisions. They’ll also learn on set terminology that will help them to feel more prepared when they are on set of any production. All students will get a digital copy of the workshop movie that they can have to show family and friends!


Friday, June 11th - Monday, 14th


Friday, July 9th- Monday, July 12th

Time: 10am-4pm

Ages: 11-17 (exceptions considered on a case by case basis)

Cost: $200 ($50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot, remainder due by first class), cost of camp includes a provided lunch each day

Location : 2906 Mustang Meadow Lane, Manvel, TX 77578

The Audition Process Seminar

This seminar centers on how to approach an audition from start to finish. My goal is to prepare you and/or your child to tape or audition live no matter how much prep time you have and no matter how big or small the role or project. Each student will get hands on training on camera. We will address how to read a breakdown and use it to your advantage, how to understand and analyze a scene and create a character quickly while still making strong choices, how to separate yourself from the rest, how to practice at home with or without help, and more! Parents are encouraged to stay and participate and learn how they can help their child.  

Dates: TBD

Time: 10am-4pm

Ages: 13+ for teens and adults and Ages 6-12 for kids and pre-teens

Cost: $125 per student (this allows for entry for one parent per student, lunch provided)

Location: Contact for Location Details

Finding the Funny: Comedy Workshop

This super fun workshop will be a great way for students to develop their comedy skills! Comedy actually has a lot more rules and structure to it than a lot of people realize. During this workshop, students will learn how to find the comedic punchlines in scenes, how to develop characters for comedy, and how to find their own unique comedic style. Through different exercises each week, we will brainstorm ideas that will be developed into a comedic performance. The skills the students learn will help them identify and bring out the comedy in all sorts of genres from Disney type scripts to dark, black comedic films, to television sitcoms. The 8 week course will culminate with a performance of the actor’s chosen comedic act on the final night that friends and family can attend.

Dates: TBD

Time: 6:45pm-9pm 

Ages: 13 and up

Cost: $250

Location:Contact for Location Details


EMAIL: ALYSSIA (Dujmovich) DODSON AT OR CALL: 512-775-8282

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